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7 Reasons To Install A Fireplace In Your Idaho Falls Home

fireplace installation

A fireplace looks simple yet it can transform your space’s appeal while keeping you warm in the winter and in the cold nights. It’s the perfect feature that balances elegance and functionality.

If you’re considering incorporating a fireplace for a special room, we’ll give you seven convincing reasons why you need to install one right away. 

1. A Variety of Fireplace Designs

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to traditional and new contemporary fireplace designs. All you need is to find the fireplace that fits your needs and complements your space beautifully.

If you have a chimney in place or space to construct one, a wood-burning fireplace is a viable option. For a gas fireplace, you can construct a vent system through a sidewall or the roof. An electric fireplace is easy to use since it does not require any ductwork or chimney. 

Whichever furnace you choose or style you prefer, there’s a perfect furnace design for you.

2. It Can Brighten Up a Dull Room

Are you looking to revamp a dull room in your space? Installing a furnace is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a boring, old, and dull room. Whether it’s a traditional design, a contemporary piece, or a minimalist fireplace, this makeover idea can never go wrong.

3. Creates a Warm Ambiance and Enhances Appeal  

A fireplace is a fascinating and eye-catching feature that adds a touch of elegance and creates a warm ambiance to any space. The flickering flames provide a cozy and comforting environment to relax and unwind. And with their modern and sleek designs, fireplaces are beautiful to look at whether in use or not.

4. Increases Property Value

Are you considering options that can increase your property’s value with a 100% expense recovery? Consider adding a fireplace. Buyers are willing to pay more for already installed amenities that lower utility costs like fireplaces, automatically raising your property’s value and giving top dollar returns on your sale. 

5. Lowers Utility Costs

A fireplace helps reduce your dependence on the main central heating system. Through zone heating, you can warm up the common areas efficiently, reducing the heating system by a few degrees, which translates into lower utility costs.

6. Provides Heating During Power Blackouts

Installing a fireplace guarantees you indoor comfort during bad weather and power blackouts. Since wood-burning and gas fireplaces don’t require power for operation, you can safely use the unit to heat your space. And in the case of a wood-burning fireplace, cook a meal off the flames!

7. Fireplace Cost

You may shy away from installing a fireplace because you think it’s a costly affair. But it’s more affordable than you think. You may spend an average of $1,000 to $6,000 for a new fireplace installation. Remember, a fireplace is a worthwhile investment that offers numerous benefits and recoups back all its initial outlay costs. 

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