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5 Helpful Pointers to Keep Your Utility Costs Down

tips to keep low utility costs

Utility costs make up more than 43% of a typical household’s budget. And with the uncertain economic times and high retail electricity prices, you may be looking for practical ways to significantly reduce your utility costs. 

Here, we’ve curated the five best practical pointers that will help you keep your utility costs down.

Energy bill

1. Correct Energy Wastage

Are there unconscious energy-wasting habits that have become part of your daily routine? Some of these culprits could cost you some extra hundreds of dollars on your utility bill per year. The good news is, that you can adopt small energy conservation measures to make big savings.

These measures include:

  • Turning off the lights when not in use 
  • Using smart power strips for “always on” appliances
  • Installing a programmable thermostat
  • Installing a smart HVAC system 
  • Scheduling regular HVAC tune-ups and maintenance 

2. Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

Whenever you need to replace appliances that run often like a dishwasher, fridge, TV, or water heater, purchase an energy-efficient appliance. Modern and energy-efficient appliances use less energy even if your usage habits remain the same. 

The EPA recommends purchasing ENERGY STAR-certified appliances for tangible energy savings. For instance, a central air conditioning unit uses 8% less energy than conventional models and a heat pump can save a family of four about $550 annually on their electricity bill!

3. Replace or Clean the Filters

Regular filter cleaning or replacement is one of the easiest yet most neglected ways to cut utility costs. Dirty and clogged filters in HVAC units reduce their efficiency which translates to higher utility costs. 

Cleaning or replacing your HVAC filter every month or two can lower its energy consumption by up to 15%. Make sure to give a unit more attention if it’s in frequent use, subject to dusty conditions, or you have a cat or dog that sheds, as the filter tends to get clogged faster.

4. Switch to LED Lighting

Swap your incandescent light bulbs and old fixtures for LED lighting. Not only are LED lights durable and long-lasting, but they are also the most energy-efficient lighting technology today. According to the Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR-rated residential bulbs use 75% less energy, emit less heat, and have higher illumination capacity.

5. Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping reduces air leaks that can cause your heating and cooling system to work harder to keep optimum indoor comfort. Sources of air leaks include windows, doors, electrical outlets, plumbing vents, furnace ducts, chimneys, and attic hatches.

You can use different materials such as foam, felt, vinyl, metals, and caulk to seal and insulate movable components like doors and windows and other areas such as the basement rim joist and the attic opening without undermining their functionality. Weatherstripping can potentially help you make energy savings of up to 20% annually.

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